What do you get when Insect IQ is your pest control provider? You are protected by InsectIQ-Technology™. When you have a pest insect infestation, you need a provider that offers competent, research-based solutions to eliminate & prevent your pest problems. Our 2 graduate staff entomologists,each with University research experience, create and supervise our treatment protocols, using the most current technology to protect your family. We implement integrated pest management (IPM) in homes and other facilities. Our goal is to reduce pest problems and unnecessary pesticide use in order to improve human and environmental health.

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

People appreciate a comfortable environment in which to live and work. Environments comfortable to us may also provide food, water and harborage to pests. By using an integrated strategy for pest management, we can reduce numbers of pests as well as maintain a healthy environment. IPM is a process for balancing the risks between pests and pesticides to achieve long term pest suppression. IPM uses a wide variety of technological and management practices. Control strategies in an IPM program extend beyond the application of pesticides to include structural and procedural modifications that reduce the food, water, harborage, and access used by pests.

Important Strategies of IPM

  • Communication
  • Identification
  • Monitoring
  • Exclusion
  • Sanitation
  • Treatment Strategy
  • Evaluation

IPM is practical & effective pest management.